Tales from Africa: Paddling the Zambezi and climbing Kilimanjaro

2 thoughts on “Tales from Africa: Paddling the Zambezi and climbing Kilimanjaro”

  1. Hi Jim & Claire
    I have been stockpiling your blogs awaiting for the right time to fully read about your adventures. Just finished reading your well written blog about your terrifying whitewater trip on the Zambesi, the guided canoe trip in hippo/ croc/ hyena & malaria country ( giggled at the company’s safety track record ) and your guided trek up Kilimanjaro on the smell of an oily rag! Bloody hell, a great read overall, you definitely had some lucky angel on your side! Thoroughly enjoy reading about your intrepid travels! I have a couple more blogs to read some time later which I am looking forward to reading. ( tried to leave a comment in the comment box, but my phone must be playing up, so replying via email instead) Shelley

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    1. Your comment came through properly Shelley and as always, is much appreciated. Glad to hear you’re liking the blog. Of course, you must remember the Nahatlach rafting trip of many years ago. When the raft flipped and you and Carole got into the more stable safety raft and then Pete, John, Dan & I (plus the guide) continued down the river and flipped again!! That was pretty wild and the water was freezing cold. The Zambezi was almost tame in comparison.
      All the best and greetings to Pete.
      Jim & Claire


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