Life in Mozambique, 1985-86

13 thoughts on “Life in Mozambique, 1985-86”

  1. I just loved this, Jim. So cool to read about your adventures which you’ve referenced but I had never heard in such detail. Looking forward to future postings. Denise.

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  2. Allo Jim &Claire,
    Cela m’a prit du temps à lire le récit de Jim en anglais. Je me souviens de cette époque. J’avais sentis toutes sortes d’émotions de votre part à votre arrivée. Intéressant et quelles expériences vous avez vécus.
    Vous avez bien du mérite. Vous avez faites beaucoup avec peu. J’imaginE la difficulté multiple que vous avez rencontré était compensé par les gens du coin. Par chance que vous avez eu de la chance 🍀. Cela vous a permis de voyager et de vivre des expériences inoubliables. Bravo!


  3. My favourite part is the wedding story! It’s wonderful to know so much more about our special neighbours. I can’t believe all the experiences you’ve had together. You have packed in enough adventures for several lifetimes. Thanks for sharing them!


  4. I am always so incredibly impressed by what the two of you have accomplished, endured and experienced. Though some of your stories are downright hair raising. I have to say I love, love, love the music video of the Smash Dance Crew. Watching it brings back fond memories of our too brief trip to Kenya and Tanzania.


    1. Another awesome video. Thank you as they make me smile. And you are so right, we are incredibly fortunate that we live where we do, have comfortable homes and safe places to recreate. My heart breaks for the people of Africa who depend on tourism for their livelihood and for the safety of the wildlife against poachers. We’ve traveled to a decent number of countries and Africa is the one place we go back to tomorrow.


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