Road Trips: California

6 thoughts on “Road Trips: California”

  1. Tres interessant votre voyage en Californie. Impressionnant la grosseur et la grandeur des arbres. La vue est superbe. Vous aimez beaucoup vote roulotte. Vous avez faites un beau voyage.merci d’avoir partager.
    C’est bien plesant de profitez de ses beaux paysages.

    Martine xx


  2. What a lovely trip you two! I’ve wanted to see the Redwoods for years now… Perhaps this spring we’ll have to go.


    1. Thanks Roland. Yes, it was great trip. The National Parks are incredible and very accessible. I know you like forests/wood, so you’ll be blown away by the redwoods. We were.
      See you around


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