Angola: What were we thinking! (1992-93)

10 thoughts on “Angola: What were we thinking! (1992-93)”

  1. Good post dad. Nice to see those familiar photos and hear a more detailed version of the stories I’ve heard so many time before.

    Two notes: Did you mean to put in Dra Rosa? Or is it supposed to be Dr. Rosa? I saw it in 2 places I think. Hit ‘control’ + F on your keyboard and type in ‘Rosa’ so you can easily find it.

    ‘MacGyver’ was also misspelt.

    Last, you could specify that it is northern Namibia’s Herero women who wear the modified German dresses and headpieces (meant to represent cattle horns)… And maybe not use the word ‘ironic’ to describe their attempted annihilation immediately afterwards.

    😘 Otherwise a great read! See you soon!

    Love, Nina

    On Fri., Dec. 10, 2021, 11:04 p.m. OVER THE HILL AND BEYOND, wrote:

    > Claire & Jim posted: ” (Apologies for the old, degraded photos) CARE > Canada’s offer of a posting as Regional Coordinator for the Southern Angola > Relief Programme sounded good. We would be in the small provincial town of > Lubango, away from the problems of head office. We sp” >


    1. Thanks for the comments sweetie. As I reread our old letters from our time in Angola, I found it difficult condensing our experience into the blog – I leave out quite a bit.
      Dra is short for Doctora (Spanish or Portuguese for a female doctor).
      Yes, from what I understand they(??) interpret the Herero adoption of the German settler dress as being ‘subversive’ or ‘in protest’. I also understand it has now become more of a fashion statement and worn only on special occasions, which wasn’t the case when we were there. On the surface (and probably politically incorrectly) I still find the choice ironic.
      Love ya


    1. It was our pleasure. In fact, we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you! (Love the arched eyebrow emoticon. Not sure what it is supposed to evoke but certainly know from whence it came.)


  2. Wow……although we remember your story about your evacuation and later trip to Namibia ( remember the tire-changes in particular), it now sounds like adventure….but was nothing short of horror-trip at that time. Looking back now, our time with you guys in Mozambique was a peaceful walk in the park compared to Angola. Glad you share these stories; fond memories of our trip in Namibia much later…especially north of Etosha to Epupa Falls and into Angola.


    1. As always, good to hear from you. Yes, Angola was pretty grim compared to Mozambique. Mind you, Claire and Frances’s trips to the campo were pretty rough, as I remember. Thankfully I kept all of our lengthy letters that we wrote when overseas or we would have forgotten many of the details or as Claire points out, simply blocked it from our memories. Keep in touch.
      All the best


    1. We certainly wouldn’t go with a 4 month old but if it was just the two of us we would. Especially, if we could have had the wisdom we’ve acquired with age. I think, or at least I hope, we’ve both learnt a few things in the intervening 37 years.


  3. This was your most entertaining story to date,, in my opinion. I realy, really enjoyed it! Thank you sooo much! Lorraine.


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