Ecuador: A Hike from the high Paramo to the Oriente (Ecuadorian Amazonia)

4 thoughts on “Ecuador: A Hike from the high Paramo to the Oriente (Ecuadorian Amazonia)”

  1. Jesus Christ! That story was worth a few extra exclamation points. And worth reading more than once. I can’t wait to show Tonya, especially the goose egg photo. Looking forward to seeing the black eyes pics.




    1. Well at least I didn’t have too many apostrophes! 😉 Sorry, I don’t have any good pics of the black eyes. I think it was a combination of Claire not wanting to be photographed and my lack of attention to photography in general!


  2. My goodness you two! Incredible adventures and SO hard to endure! Yes, you are a lucky man, Jim, to have found such a courageous woman . Claire is lucky too because her makeup thrives in challenge. Hats off to you both….. and big hugs.


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