Luck and Gratitude in the Time of Covid

24 thoughts on “Luck and Gratitude in the Time of Covid”

  1. You two:
    Thank you SO much for this uplifting update. It’s come on such a miserable slushy, chilly day and really lifted my spirits.
    Overall, though, we two have also been feeling really blessed to be sailing through the past 9 months with (personally) no more than some minor inconveniences to handle.
    Being “forced” to explore more, and closer to home can hardly be deemed a hardship, given our locale.
    Again, you’ve managed to provide a dose of “good feels” with your post!
    Big virtual hugs,
    Carla Wilkie and Peter Fritz

    Carpe diem



  2. Dear Lovely Harvies!!! You not only live, but thrive , as only you two can!!! OMG to Claire for taking up climbing!! What s classy dame!!

    I have been wondering what you were doing, as I spend long, now very long , weekends in Squamish, doing what walking that I can,, and trying to get up to speed Internet in order to access hospitsl charts, snd comply with thr new snd very counterintuitive. AND bossy computer system necessitated PHSA for whom i still have the good fortune to work,,, in this profession that still gives me so much joy.. Part time while learning the computing,, is all I can manage for now.. but we shall see!!

    so thank you for your fulsome and invigoratingbtobthebpointbofvechaustion anecdotes.. will try my i- pad to pick up pictures..once agsin demonstrstjng my lack of technical skills!!!

    so,, thank you both, for sharing.. you are all often in my thoughts.

    Blessings,, Lorraine


    1. So good to hear from you Lorraine. I can relate to the frustration of trying to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change. Glad to hear your profession still motivates you. Mental health services must be under a lot of strain and the essential nature of your work is, more than ever, appreciated by us all!

      All the best
      Jim & Claire


  3. Dear Jim and |Claire,

    What a wonderful treat to find your email today! It was rather spooky, actually, as I just woke up this am thinking of you and presto there was your email and exciting news! Can’t you just hear your dad saying to you when you were age 50, “Jim, just how old do you think you are, with all these daredevil schemes?! I really admire your outdoor activities and you are to be commended! And you have the figures to prove it! My two sons are wonderful guys but a little meaty around the middle! Your pictures are breath-taking and I certainly enjoy them.

    I must apologize for sending this to you in the old “Reply” venue but I just am just not techie enough to do otherwise. Also, they seem to want a lot of info before sending a comment and being an old lady, I get nervous about that.

    The pic above is of my little GG, Lincoln Thomas, Marty and Wendy’s grandson. He is a delight, his favourite words, “wow” and “papa”, the latter used for his gramps, Marty, but much to Marty’s chagrin he discovered that Lincoln called every bald man,”papa” so there you are!

    I keep very well and so far have eluded hearing aids or canes and walkers (touch wood—I use my head for that purpose).

    We are taken very good care of here at Berwick—no visitors allowed unfortunately but I have my “bubble of four” for meals and another “bubble of four” I am allowed to play bridge with.

    Take care and know you are well loved as you enjoy your very active life.

    Love and hugs, GG (the old one)



    1. Great to hear from you Alice and of your two bubbles, of your avoiding walking aids (I expected nothing less!) and of your great grandson. Hope to talk again soon or better still a visit, when visiting is once again an option.
      Jim and Claire


  4. This is all so beautiful Jim and Claire. Words feel inadequate!
    I’m very moved by your sense of adventure, your courage, your joy, your resilience under pressure, and your eloquence, Jim!
    Your spectacular photos lift my spirits.
    Thank you.


    1. You are very welcome Ros. Your kind words are much appreciated.
      I think we all need some ‘spirit lifting’ these days!


  5. Great blog. Quite a life and marvelous photos. I forwarded it to Ken. Whose footprints – Sasquatch? Just read: In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond. Very good.

    On Fri, 13 Nov 2020 at 13:21, OVER THE HILL AND BEYOND wrote:

    > Claire & Jim posted: ” I am writing this as we anxiously await the outcome > of the American election debacle. Like so many, Claire and I have been > compelled to follow what is happening south of our border. To witness what > we see as the rapid decline of the US over the past 4 y” >


      1. I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting my own backyard this year. Normally it’s overrun with tourists, so being able to hike and climb in Lake Louise sure is special.


  6. What a great way to spend the summer you guys. We too recently camped at Riske creek on a little road trip through Farwell Canyon to Pavilion. I just can’t get enough of that Fraser River scenery. Looks like we’ll need to put Tweedsmuir (among others) on our to-do list.
    As always, thanks for the inspiration.
    Keep well,
    Roland and Melissa.


    1. Yes, the open, dramatic vistas of that stretch of Fraser River country are beautiful and we (Claire & I) know so little about it. As you pass through those vast ranches – ex. the Douglas Lake Ranch, 160,000 hectares and owned by an American multi-billionaire – I wanted to know more about ranching; the business, culture, ecology, etc. but we hardly saw a soul. Had two quite different interactions with local cowboys – one friendly and informative, the other less so! Access to Crown Land in the area is an on-going problem almost like dealing with FLNRO locally ;). Hope to see you guys soon.
      All the best


  7. Amazing scenery Jim! I wished I had that in my backyard!
    I remember the rock climbing gripps on your house in Managua, NIcaragua. As a birthday present , I got a rock climbing training from my kids but due to corona, I coud not take it yet.
    We are all healthy although I have to take a risk due to my teaching profession. If I don’t have to teach, I am working at home as Rianne does. Can we get used to our retirement after a few years!!
    Greetings from the Netherlands!


    1. Glad to hear you guys are both well. If you start going to the climbing gym Nico you’ll need a belayer. Looks like Rianne will need to start climbing too! 😉 Keep well. We hope to see you both someday. Maybe a trip to Canada when you retire??
      All our best
      Jim & Claire


  8. OK, I am not as good as you with words Jim, but it was a delight to read your adventures and your perspective on life. Loved pretty much all your pictures, no I mean I loved all your pictures. You are both pretty good that’s for sure. Yes you are very lucky and John and I were just saying this morning how very lucky we feel too so boy are we lucky hey!


  9. I just reread your blog this morning. Thanks for sharing your adventures! It was enough to make me forget the grey vista outside my windows this morning. What amazing times you have!


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