Colombia: Cali to Medellin

9 thoughts on “Colombia: Cali to Medellin”

  1. It certainly sounds like a lot of city time for you two adventurers! Spring has sprung here in Squamish and on Ayr Drive. It must be getting very close to “comomg home” time?


  2. My very dear friends….. Now with more energy and part time work, I can actually sit down to enjoy your amazing production,,, not only the riveting adventure and unbelievable energy you appear to have, but also the spectacular photography and elegant writing.

    I share your work with several close friends, including Chris Schenk who Claire will know from Mental Health, and my ( relatively) well off cousin, who believes that you are both in need of services from same. (She can go nowhere without her make up case, mirrors and luggage….).

    Never mind. I find your trip, the elegant blog, and just knowing you is a very humbling and pleasant experience. You do offer an ‘alternative’ to ordinary retirement schemes,,,, and in doing so inspire all who would read your blog.

    Thank you for all. Please take very good care,,, as miraculously you appear to be doing,,,stay safe and well, and call when you are recovered, after your safe return home…

    I cannot but believe that in your quiet moments you are planning you next epic journey……life in the quiet will seem anticlimactic,,,I fear.

    Fondest regards, and awe inspired respect, Lorraine H

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    1. Oh Lorraine, such compliments will crash our site! Glad to hear you are part timing and have renewed energy. The MH field is way too onerous to work FT for anyone. Pls say hi to Chris. And yes we will be in touch after we have re-settled.


  3. Great post. Amazing sculptures and amazing traffic conditions. Always wondered which country rates as the worst in the world for traffic? Columbia and India may be tied. Where is your final destination?

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