Machu Picchu

13 thoughts on “Machu Picchu”

  1. Great description of an epic hike. I’ve heard a few versions of MP. Can’t you be bused right into the site? Not that you would have chosen that option. Sounds like a good decision to fly into Columbia. Your trip has been spectacular. Happy safe travels for the last few weeks. I’ve taken a good week to ‘settle’ since India.


    1. Thanks Mo. yes you can be taken to the site using a shuttle bus for the last climb up from Aguas Calientes but not our style. Colombia is one hilly country. We had a big climb today – 10 hours in the saddle. Too long! Pull into Medellin tomorrow


  2. I like the group photo with 13 others wearing some version of a hi-tech rain jacket and Jim wearing some stinky old shirt. And next time I want to see the video of you two up on the bar dancing.


  3. A Wonderful description of your trek plus your excellent photos that put me back on the Inca trails, great memories!


  4. Allo vous deux, bravo ,belle randonnee avec une belle gang multiculturelle. Toujours interessant de vous lire. MArtine xx


  5. It is always a real pleasure to read you. Ça semble avoir été tout un hiking que vous avez fait: temps, différence de température et d’altitude, etc..Super belles photos! Comment on sent quand on est plus près de dieux? 😉 Bonne fin de voyage! Je vous aime. Nathalie xox


  6. Spectacular trip! When will you be home?I wrote you a messenger note:June 20th in Victoria:The Salsahall Collective is playing for the 20th anniversary of Ska fest! Hoping you will be home so we can celebrate your trip! Love Char xxx

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