A Hop, Skip and a Jump

10 thoughts on “A Hop, Skip and a Jump”

  1. So enjoying all your posts. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Lots of laughs, lots of wincing and head shaking with incredulity , admiration, and pity! Stay safe and take care of each other!


    1. Great to hear from you guys . We are currently in northern Argentina slowly acclimatizing as we head to Bolivia where things will become more difficult. We nervously look forward to it. Hope things are good with you guys? Vicki should be retired by now?
      All our best


  2. We’re making a habit of sitting down each Saturday evening and reading your blog together, then we go into our warm cozy beds, thankful that we managed to get the normal adventure gene, rather than the fanatical variant. We had dinner at Vicki and Kevin’s tonight and missed your guys. Cross-country skiing is great. Look forward to some (more moderate) adventures when you’re back. Richard & Ruth


    1. Thanks guys, Great to hear from you! Yes, we know that Ruth has normal genes but Richard, quite another story. Glad to hear you guys are skiing lots and looking forward to joining you next year
      All the best


  3. John and I just read your last post and this one. Looks like your lips are healed as there was no mention of it in this one. Love your pictures and stories for sure. Maybe you should get one of those angry dogs to come with you to keep you safer and scare all thieves away. By the way, did you get to go for a swim in the ocean, you never mentioned it?


    1. Thanks Carole no my lips aren’t fully healed but Claire’s are. It has been super frustrating. And no we didn’t get in for a swim. The beaches in the south aren’t that great and the water is cold (Humboldt Current). We are currently at the Argentina Bolivia border and looking forward to the change of country. All the best Hopefully we will post tomorrow. Wifi gets sketchier as we head north


  4. Hi, so much detail and rich experience and fascinating images – can’t quite keep up with you. Especially as I’m on vacation, albeit significantly less rigorous. Mexico has been good. 25 degrees here. Flying home tomorrow to rainy and 7 degrees. I have a whirlwind month home before I fly off to Korea and India. All feels a bit surreal. Maybe you’re in Bolivia now. Happy safe cycling. Look forward to next post and photos. Love Elaine x


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