To The Coast

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  1. Aggressive dogs: If you can find a market that sells supersoakers (troglodyte term – fancy squirt gun), cut the top off of a large water bottle and customize it into a holster that you can mount on your bars, within easy reach. Keep it loaded with water or even add lemon. It’s fun and it’ll deter dogs that get within range. Also good for Claire to use when you get all puffed up about something. (okay, that was fun). And let’s hear more about the mtn bike volcano day!

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  2. Allo vos deux, je comprends Claire moi les chiens 🐕 en velo pas le fun du tout. Vous avancez la . Pour le vent c’est mieux. Merci pour les photos et l’histoire des gens , c’est interessant.


  3. You guys are amazing! So inspiring! I can just imagine the Fiery Scotsman coming out at the border! I’m surprised you got through enacted!!
    Fun reading all your adventures. I look forward to more. Travel safe!


  4. Everyone is sympathetic Claire concerning the dogs! I’d be scared stiff. I prefer the ubiquitous Indian cows that I’ll be seeing plenty of in March. The Kelp sure looks tender and tasty! Take good care – if possible in such conditions. Good luck. I’ll show Mom the post today. WIFI in her room which is great.


  5. Happy New Year Jimbo- you made it to another year! LOL. And Happy New Year to you to Claire- you made it through another year with Jim! 😉

    I’ll pay big money to Claire for a pic of you spraying that concoction Gary suggested @ a wild pack of dogs approaching you in with eyes as haunting as Rocket Richard’s flying down the right wing… I can see the caption now, “Jim “Braveheart” Harvey beats back savage dogs with his trusty Corsa water bottle of lemonade!” 🙈

    I will never again bike the washboard road on Upper Paradise Valley’s dirt road without thinking of you & Claire ‘s expensive dental work chattering along the Chilean Coastal Highway… (NB. Momentum… AND perhaps a good jock “Cup” are your best friend(s)- sorry Claire!)

    Great pics, as always…

    But you haven’t lost anything for a while- not even surfing the washboards! You must have fine-tuned your luggage straps etc?

    Love your descriptions of the various abodes of accommodation along the way! Still waiting though to hear of your invite to a 5 Star Villa- an experience that I’m sure still awaits you, somewhere off in the distance…, on the roads that lie ahead… (NB. Dare to Dream Baby, Dare to dream…)

    Keep on Smiling Harvey’s!



    1. Good to hear from you Steve and Happy New Year to you and Wendy.
      We might not be in at 5 star Villa but we have certainly received a 5 star reception in the home in Santiago of a family who’s kid did an exchange with a friend of mine in Squamish. Our hospitality pales in comparison!
      We will be taking Gary’s advice and I will be rigging up a quick draw, super soaker loaded with lemon- water. I will report back on it’s effectiveness.
      All the best


  6. Happy New Year, Claire and Jim! I’m so enjoying reading about your inspirational travels. Brave duo, and fully alive!


    1. Missing you too sweetie. We are currently in Santiago at the home of a friend of a friend in Squamish. We were received yesterday in a way that makes our hospitality pale in comparison. we will probably stay A couple more days before heading north by bus to San pedro de Atacama and from there probably another bus over the Andes to Salta in Argentina. Going directly from Chile to Bolivia over 4500 m passes is just too hard. From Argentina the transition will be more gradual giving us time to acclimatize .
      Love you


  7. Hi Jim and Claire: I am enjoying your posts and photos. How are the lip issues?Of all things to slow you down…but it must be so painful. We have good news. We are finally retiring. Coming home for good in June! We will sub a bit in SD 71 but we just decided enough! Happy days ahead. Hope you are both well, Love Char xxx

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    1. This is great news Char. It will be great to have you both around more ie more crazy family gatherings! My lips are healed and I can’t tell you how great it feels. Jim is almost there.. promising me kisses!!!


  8. Elaine is just showing your photo to Granny who is one of your greatest fans.The photos are stunning. We are now registered with SD 71 and should start subbing in the Fall. We have our last hurrahs coming up:Japan,Thailand, Amsterdam, Stratford on Avon and then that’s it! 10 years of travel and work and that’s a wrap! Keep safe,Love Char xxx


  9. Sounds like you are having a fantastic adventure. Although the dogs may be aggressive, and the winds harsh it sounds like the people you are meeting along the way are friendly and supportive. Your blog pics are amazing. Keep safe.


    1. Thanks Dave
      Good to hear from you. Head to La Paz today. Have booked an AirB&B on the 4th floor with no elevator! The city is at 4000M so should be good training. We hope to climb a 6000 M volcano……we’ll see


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