Calafate to Chalten

16 thoughts on “Calafate to Chalten”

  1. You guys are my heroes, full respect. The Gaucho-esque experiences is for us the thing this is all about.

    BTW A high school friend, Sandy Trillow from Toronto is flying into Coyhaique Chile nowish and riding south – I am guessing you will be passing her going the other way at some point.



  2. Sticking your head in the sand seems to have failed you in the planning stages, despite your protestations. You guys are ridiculously tough. I’m so happy to be living vicariously through you rather than suffering beside you. Keep showing us softies how it’s done!


  3. Love the blog, pictures and videos guys! In particular the way it makes me feel comfy and smug for not attempting such an insane venture! But thanks so much for sharing, it makes my day brighter every time I read about your ongoing misery! 😛
    Glad there are some amazing experiences mixed in, like the gaucho immersion program, Jim where is the video of your bronc ride?
    Respect dude & dudette!! We are cheering for you (from the couch with the iPad and the hot chocolate)!!


    1. Thanks James……I didn’t think we were sounding miserable 😉 I guess I will have to be a little more upbeat . Enjoy your hot chocolate. We can,t get enough sugar, something we completely avoid at home
      All the best


      1. No, no no, don’t change a thing, it makes the hot chocolate taste much better! ;P
        Seriously though, its GREAT reading and an amazing adventure! Thanks for sharing it so eloquently!


    1. Appreciate the comments Brian…’ll have to take the Hounds up 57 as a form of moral support as we struggle along. We are out of the winds for the most part but are now riding dirt roads…..lots of long, hard days.


  4. Jeeeze, I complain when I have a head wind riding to work in Squamish. What an amazing and challenging trip you’ve chosen – I’m so looking forward to reading more Over the hill and beyond adventures – take care and good luck.


    1. Merry Christmas Joanne and Rick. It’s Xmas AM here in San Martin de Los Andes and we are resting (needed) and missing family. Always good to hear from friends back home.
      All the best
      Jim and Claire


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