On The Road Again

34 thoughts on “On The Road Again”

  1. wow what a beautiful description of your trip , i am so proud of you , you are really 2 wonderful persons who i do not see often enough but i admire you with all my heart, have a good safe trip and jim…bring back my claire safely ok see you daniel


  2. Good for you two!!! I am a good friend of John Tisdale’s and he thought I might be interested in your trip, since we’ve been cycle touring for many years/trips. Will be checking out your blog as you go along. If you’d like to take a look at some of our trips, you can look up Harold Mayer on “Crazy Guy on a Bike” where our blogs are posted. Have a great adventure! Brenda Gill


  3. Good luck you two. We will be thinking about you and will be excited to read your blog!!Take care looking forward to more adventures together!!


  4. Just a guess here but I think that Surly must have sponsored you. Maybe not Claire, but definitely you. Also, did anyone else notice how Jim kept bending over in front of the camera and Claire didn’t? Quite disturbing and yet, for some reason, I’ll miss you guys. Have fun!


  5. Well , number one, we hope you will be safe that’s for sure. But we hope you have a wonderful time too!
    Merry Christmas, and see you soon, Lots of love Dave and Char xxx


  6. Hi folks, sent you a message last night ….hope you got it. Best of luck on another epic Tour; always a pleasure to follow you guys and looking forward to all the stories, lucky escapes, narrow escapes and most of all: the encounters with typical and funny people you seem to have a magnet for. Goede reis / Boa viagem!! Frances and Jan

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  7. Allo Claire, interessant et vous êtes inspirants. Foncez au pire vous reviendriez. C’est parti, j’ai bien hate de vous suivre.a bientot bon depart xx


  8. Enjoy your trip and thank you for the blog. We look forward to going on this journey with you…from the comfort of our sofa. Have a great trip and lots of fun experiences with warmshowers, Kim&David


  9. Dearest Jim & Claire, what can I say here, that I haven’t told you in person, or in past emails. For me, you Jim are a real life hero & someone I’m proud to know. You’re also too hard on yourself about facing uncertainty, I mean after all what can possibly be more dangerous than biking with the Hounds Of Dirt? Your collective sense of humour will get the two of you through any rough spot that you encounter- that, and the odd indigenous plant. So many people struggle through life with coulda, woulda, shoulda written all over their faces. Your smiles and zest for life tell all of us observing you (& yes, living vicariously through your adventures), that today your adventure is a “will”, but in 6 months (or so), we’ll all be saying “did” after your name’s. Bon chance, mes amis. MHS, Stevie Wonder


    1. Hi Jim and Claire,
      Best of luck with your grand adventure. I just read your blog to 60+ grade 3 international students; they were wide-eyed and quite attentive throughout the reading. We did not have time for questions as it was the end of the day, but they were intrigued. To introduce you to the children, I recounted the fish hook story in Algonquin Park – they were impressed with your toughness, Jim. While for you, Claire, I briefly mentioned your international nursing experiences, which had all of the students convinced that both of you will meet the challenges that lie ahead.
      Dave H


  10. Quelle belle aventure,!!!!!!J’ai bien hâte d”entendre toutes vos péripéties. Vos voyages, c’est comme regarder un film d’action, d’endurance, de comédie et de romance…. 🙂 J’espère que vous viendrez sur l’île pour faire une présentation…..il y a un ” warm shower et plus” qui vous attend…lol


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